Fir Park Sleep Out – Event Info & FAQ’s

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Event Information:

Fir Park Sleep Out 2019
Fir Park Stadium

Register Here: Fir Park Sleep Out – Sign Up Page

Registration Fee: £25 – Following registration, all participants should set up a Just Giving page for their individual fundraising. All monies raised through Just Giving should be donated no later than three weeks after the event.


50% of proceeds: Shelter Scotland
25% of proceeds: Motherwell FC Community Trust
25% of proceeds: Motherwell FC Disabled Supporters Association

Our Way Of Saying Thanks:

All participants will receive an event t-shirt and there will be live performances from local acts during the evening to keep up our spirits in the cold.

Getting Ready & What to Bring:

A torch
Thermal under layers
Outdoor Waterproof Shoes, Boots or Wellies
Necessary Medication
Outdoor Equipment and Clothing
Warm/Thermal Sleeping Bag, ideally a 4 seasons sleeping bag suitable for winter conditions
Waterproof Outer Clothing (Jacket, Trousers)
Spare Waterproof Clothing

– Please note there are no tents allowed at the event – this is an under-the-stars experience.

– Please do not bring valuables to the event.

What is provided onsite:

Free hot drinks throughout the duration of the whole event
Medical & Welfare Services

Age Restrictions:

The event is open to participants over 16 only.
Those aged between 16 and 18 must be accompanied by a guardian aged over 21.

Prohibited Items:

Opened soft drinks and water
Drugs (illegal substances or legal highs)
Weapons & firearms
Smoke Bombs
Amplified music

Permitted Items:

Empty Flasks/Hot cups (bring these empty on arrival, we will provide free hot drinks)
Unopened soft drinks and water


Please help us by using bins provided and clearing up your immediate sleepzone space before you depart the event.
Please do not leave your outdoor kit behind when you leave the event.

Medical Notes:

If you are on any medication for an existing condition, make sure you take your medication with you in adequate amounts for the duration of the event.
If you suffer from any pre-existing medical conditions, regardless of severity, please consult your GP before signing up.
If approved by a GP to attend with a medical condition, please make sure you have written information detailing your condition and any medication required.


What age do you need to be to do the Sleep Out?

You must be aged 16 or older to take part in the Fir Park Sleep Out.  Participants aged 16-17 must be accompanied by a responsible adult aged over 21.

Would any pre-existing health issues restrict participation?

We want everyone who participates in the sleep out to have a safe and enjoyable experience. If you have any pre-existing health conditions with which you are concerned about sleeping outside in winter, please seek professional medical advice ahead of registering for the event.

Will alcohol be served, or can I drink alcohol at the event?

No, the Fir Park Sleep Out is a dry event. Due to the dangers of consuming alcohol and being exposed to cold winter conditions overnight, there will be no bar facilities at the event and strictly no alcohol can be brought into the event. Hot drinks and food villages will be available throughout the night.

Will hot drinks be served at the event?

Yes, we will be serving hot drinks all night should you need a warm-up.

Will we be sleeping in tents?

No. The challenge will be to sleep outside without any cover. Participants will be sleeping on the John Hunter Stand side of Fir Park, with only your sleeping bag and plastic sheet for protection. Many people around the country have to do this every night, could you do it once?

What do I need to bring?

You need to bring your own: Warm Sleeping Bag, Winter/waterproof Jacket, Hat, Gloves, All appropriate Warm Clothing and a Sleeping Mat if you want one.

Who is organising the event?

The MFC Podcast with support from Motherwell FC Community Trust and the safety and security team at Motherwell F.C.

What time does it all start?

We will be opening doors to the event at approx. 7.30pm on Saturday 23 February.

Can I leave the event and come back into the arena throughout the night?

No. For security reasons, once you have entered our security area and into the event area you will not be permitted to leave and gain re-entry. If you decide to leave the event you cannot be re-admitted.

How long do I have to sleep outside?

The sleep-out will finish at approx. 6.00am Sunday 24th February.

Can I bring my dog?

Strictly no dogs or other pets are permitted into the Sleep in the Park event. Leave Mutley at home in the warm.

Can I bring alcohol?

No, for safety reasons Sleep in the Park is a strictly dry event. Due to the dangers of consuming alcohol and being exposed to cold winter conditions overnight, there will be no bar facilities at the event and strictly no alcohol can be brought into the event arena. Bag searches will be conducted on entry to the event and any alcohol with be confiscated and destroyed. Any persons found to be consuming alcohol within the event arena will not be allowed to participate in the sleep-out and will be removed from the arena.

Will I actually get any sleep?

Not a lot, but you will be part of a unique event experience, coming together to help raise awareness of homelessness.

What if it is bad weather?

The event is taking place in Scotland in the middle of winter, we know it will be cold. Weather conditions will be monitored in the week leading up to the event and forecasts reported via our website and social media. You must dress appropriately for an outdoor winter event. If rain is forecast, waterproof clothing and a plastic sheet to protect your sleeping bag are essential. Only extreme weather conditions would result in event cancellation.

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