MFC Podcast – ‘Off-Air 3’


MFC Podcast ‘Off-Air 3’ – Greatest 25 MFC Post-War Players

For the final edition of the MFC Podcast’s ‘Off-Air’ series, the Podcast will be teaming with The Well Society and the Motherwell support to compile the ‘Greatest 25 Motherwell Post-War players.

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Due to the large number of emails and messages on social media over the course of the last few days, we have arranged for a final batch of ‘Off-Air 3’ to be printed.

Having already donated £1063 to the ‘Well Society through the ‘Off-Air’ project, we hope this will further enhance the monies raised, while allowing more Motherwell fans to get their hands on this fantastic publication.

The order for the second batch of ‘Off-Air 2’ will be made when we reach 75 orders.