Special Guests

Click on guest’s name to listen to their podcast, those on Twitter have direct links to their page.

Brian McCafferty – ‘Well Society’, Chairman – 

Alan Burrows – Motherwell FC, General Manager – @Alan_Burrows

Andrew Wilson – Former Motherwell F.C. Board Member – @AndrewWilson

Les Hutchison – Owner of Motherwell F.C. 

Brian Martin – Former Player

Kevin Twaddle – Former Player – @Twads7

Andrew Jenkin – Head of ‘Supporters Direct Scotland’ – @AndrewJenkin

Rob McKinnon – Former Player

Sieb Dijkstra – Former Player 

Shaun Teale – Former Player – @ShuanTeale

Richie Foran – Former Player

Jim Paterson – Former Player – @Paterson_PT

Martyn Corrigan – Former Player

John Philliben – Former Player

Jim Spence – Scottish Football Broadcasting Royalty

Douglas Dickie – Well Society Board Member

David Clarkson – Former Player

Ally Maxwell – Former Player

Louis Moult – Motherwell F.C. 

Keith Lasley – Motherwell F.C

Chris Cadden – Motherwell F.C.

Suzanne Grant – Motherwell F.C. Ladies