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MFC Podcast – The Meltit Podcast

As the title may suggest, this was recorded in the pub in Motherwell following the glorious 2nd leg playoff victory at Fir Park. And also after a large amount of alcohol over the course of the day. Needless to say the result is a load of drunken mince – do not expect anything remotely professional, intelligent, or clean (we’ve even bleeping some stuff out)! Sparra, Busta and Jay feature as always, and are joined by Scott Henderson, Dave Taylor and Martyn Venables in this booze fest. In a bid to salvage some modicum of professionalism, we’ll be taking down this particular episode when our summer time ex-player podcasts begin – so listen while you can… or sensibly choose not to bother… Continue reading “MFC Podcast – The Meltit Podcast”