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Hampden Calling…

The opening fixture of Motherwell’s Betfred League Cup campaign was a nice way to kick-off the season, a trip to Hampden for a meeting with Queen’s Park, the club’s first visit to the national stadium since 2011 – an encounter that ended in a 3-0 defeat to Celtic in the final of the Scottish Cup.

I’m not one to take in friendly matches unless they involve a decent trip on the bevvy, so it was to be my first viewing of Stephen Robinson’s massively overhauled squad. It was also my first venture out of the house following a rather unfortunate encounter with two arseholes with a taste for stealing mobile phones and face rearranging, the day felt like a step into the unknown for more reasons than one.

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Colt Teams In The SPFL

Words: Andy Ross

A report in yesterday’s (21 January) Sunday Mail suggested that a pilot scheme to introduce both Celtic and Rangers’ colt teams into the SPFL could begin as soon as next season. Should this move be approved I believe it to be a dagger through the heart of lower league football in Scotland, a nonsensical threat to teams with tradition and history.

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More Than Just A Game

Football can be all consuming, a passion that perhaps takes up too much of my time. If I’m not at a game, I’ll be talking to my mates about football, I record a weekly podcast where I talk about football, I have a five-year-old daughter, who I perhaps shamefully hope will grow up to love Motherwell Football Club as much as her dad does – it’s an absolute obsession.

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Super Cooper – The ‘Well’s Greatest Post-War Player

Words: Jason Henderson (@jay_mfc)

No matter what age you are when you begin to support Motherwell Football Club, there are a series of firsts that often take on an iconic role in your life as a Steelman – your first game; the first goal you witnessed; for some of us lucky ones, the first (and, in my case, only) trophy you saw lifted; and, of course, your first ever claret and amber hero.

I’ve had a number of favourite players over the years – Dougie Arnott, Martyn Corrigan, James McFadden, and Louis Moult all spring to mind – but one name overshadows them all: my first ever childhood hero, a Motherwell legend, one of Scottish football’s finest ever players – Davie Cooper.

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Cooper Named ‘Well Greatest Post-War Player

Davie Cooper has been named as the MFC Podcast Greatest Post-War Motherwell Player.

Over 600 votes were placed online, in person, by post and by supporters’ clubs as Motherwell fans registered their backing for their Fir Park favourites.

James McFadden finished second in the vote, while Willie Pettigrew took third-spot.

Speaking on behalf of the Cooper family, Davie’s brother John expressed his gratitude at the recognition for his brother’s achievements at the club: “Davie loved his time at Motherwell, he was happy and that showed on the park too.

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Always Believe In

As featured in MFC Podcast – ‘Off-Air 3’ – 25 Greatest Post-War Motherwell Players – final day of pre-orders Friday (3/11) – Order Now

They say that timing is everything, unfortunately I only found this out at the 23rd hour – trying to contact Louis Moult for an interview on the week his partner Carlie was due to give birth to their second child.

I feared my plan to interview Louis for this publication would have to be scrapped, I couldn’t expect him to take time away at such an important time, however we aren’t dealing with your average footballer here…

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